We absolutely LOVE lip glosses!

Who doesn’t?

We believe that lips are one of the most important features of the face and they need to be done in order to represent one’s true self.

There are diverse types of lip glosses for you to choose from.

The common types are:

If you’re someone who is looking for top-notch lip glosses to enhance your look, give that poppin’ finish to your makeup, and bring the inner badass woman that you are on the outside, then congratulations!

You’re in the right place.

We are going to talk LIP GLOSS today!

Before we hop into our LADY BOSS LIP GLOSS collection, let’s discuss the types of lip glosses in detail:

Sheer Lip Glosses

These lip glosses look mind-blowingly gorgeous when applied independently or on top of an already-applied lipstick. They impart color, freshness, liveliness, and that perfect finish to your lady boss lips.

These glosses are perfect for our lady bosses who want to give that perfect finish to their lip makeup by coating it up with a gloss.

Pigmented Lip Glosses

These glosses work their beautiful magic of bold pigmentation on your lips. If you prefer glosses that are shiny yet free of shimmer, then this collection will be your best friend!

Shimmer Lip Glosses

These lip glosses are super shimmery and they impart exceptional shine to your lips. They aren’t exactly glittery, they are shimmery and shiny.

If you are someone who loves luxury, shimmery, and blingy shine that’ll blind your haters’ eyes, then these glosses are the glosses for YOU!

Our LADY BOSS GLOSS Collection!

The idea behind our Lady Boss Glosses is to promote female liberation and independence, freedom, and ownership. We want our lady bosses to feel beautifully and unapologetically empowered when they wear these glosses.

We want them to get up, dress up, put one of our lady boss glosses on, and secure that bag…. Peridot!

Our Lady Boss Glosses are divided into two categories:

Let’s talk about the diverse collection of lip glosses that we have for you to choose from, category-wise:

Pigmented Glosses

Want your gloss to work as a lipstick? We got your back!

Here are the exquisite pigmented glosses we bring to you at Omolewa Cosmetics:



Smart Hustle

Sparkle Glosses

This exceptional collection of ours comprises of 5 high-luxe shiny tones for our shimmer fans!

Our high-shine gloss collection consists of:

New Levels



Owning It


Daring (NEW addition to the stock)

Here’s a pro-artist tip: Apply a sheer gloss over your outlined and already-filled lips to give them a stunning 3D appearance!

Combination Shade

We Rise (NEW addition to the stock)

We Rise is a new addition to our Lady Boss Gloss collection. It is designed for our lady bosses who neither want to settle with full sparkle nor with complete shimmer. It is a charismatic blend of both these exclusive lip gloss collections for them to think outside the box and choose what they like.

Pro-artist Tip: Our HD Queen Finishing Powder shades, especially the darker ones, can be used as lip liners to give that stunning full look to your lips.

  • Our lady boss glosses are manufactured with safety, love, and care to bring YOU, our LADY BOSS, the look you truly deserve.
  • Our lady boss glosses are hydrating for the lips.
  • With their non-sticky feature, you won’t ever have to worry about a messy, uncomfortable look ever again.
  • All our glosses are vegan, meaning that they are cruelty-free.
  • All our glosses are Paraben and Gluten-free

We encourage our lady bosses to think outside the box and present themselves in whatever way they please.

Lips glosses can definitely empower you and make those heads turn around in the most unapologetic way possible.

The next time they tell you that your lips might be looking a little “too extra” for work, tell them that you’re a LADY BOSS!