• Adore your skin:

It is of utmost importance that you determine your skin tone and type, because every skin type is different. Rather than trying to modify your natural tones, be comfortable in them and try to work with them. Find foundations and moisturizers that will help to calm your skin and improve your skin’s general health.  Go for skin products made with natural ingredients such as: cucumber, honey,  and look out for allergies too.

  • Brows on fleek:

 Eyebrows help mold the shape of your face, and having great brows helps you have a great attitude. Because brows cease growing back at a certain point and thin with age, it’s best to err on the side of caution with this one. Accept your brows for what they are. Rather than completely shaving off your eyebrow hairs to draw an artificial brow, use eye pencils to fill in the little gaps created after shaping your brows. Endeavor to use a concealer color that matches your skin, don’t go for too light shades or too dark shades.

  • Bright Eyes:

Choose colors that match your eyebrows and lashes when getting a mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and eye pencil. Use black mascara and eye pencil if you have dark hair and brown mascara and eye pencil if you have brown hair. Ensure to use colors from your eyeshadow palette that brightens up your look and not make you dull.

  •  Popping Lips:

Bright shades of lipsticks and lip gloss such as red or crimson can help to boost your confidence. But it is good to try out colors that blend with your skin that you’re comfortable with. Don’t put on bright colors if you aren’t confident in them. After all, it’s not the color that matters but how well you carry yourself.

  • Bold Smile:

 Listen, this is a secret! One of the greatest makeup anyone can wear is a smile. When you wear a smile, putting on makeup may not be needed because you GLOW! You can have all your makeup on fleek and still not look confident without a smile. Smiling does not make you look weak. In fact, it sends a confident and bold aura to anyone who comes close to you.

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