The decision to do better than we did the previous year is a tough one which takes boldness to make and consistency to achieve. There are things we might have scurried away from the previous year due to fear of the unknown or because of little to no motivation to pursue our dreams.

This year we make the decision to achieve our goals, live boldly and confidently by doing the following things.

  1.  Dare to Dream Big

There’s no limit to which the human mind can dream. To live boldly this year, you have to step out of your comfort zone and do things that challenge you.

  1. Face Your Fears

While there’s the place of dreaming big dreams, fear can set in and can be a hindrance to living a bold life. It is normal to fear but what we do with it determines how far we go. Know that the fears not faced and worked through will be the barrier to living the confident life you are called to.

  1. Fix It

There are several things that everyone needs to fix in their life, career or business. When you notice something needs fixing, be the fixer upper and get it done. Unresolved traumas or problems hinders you from living boldly and confidently.

  1. Make it Last Forever

People say change is inevitable and constant. But you have the choice to either make it last forever or give in to fear to let go of those beautiful things. Cherish all your wins no matter how little it is and seek more ways to achieve bigger ones.

  1. Repeat

Consistency is an important key to living boldly and confidently in 2022. Make sure to repeat the cycle of daring to dream big to make it last forever. In this year, stay consistent.

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