Loose powders are your Best Friend when it comes to taking your makeup looks to another notch. They are finely milled and helps you get a smooth and soft finish and holds your makeup for a longer period of time. 


However, there are two major types of loose setting powder- it’s very important to choose the correct one to use in the correct situation.


Let’s dive into it. 

Setting Vs Finishing Powders.

Do you feel confused between Setting Powders and  Finishing Powders

Aren’t you sure whether you should buy a Setting Powder or a Finishing Powder

We got you! Here’s an in-depth difference between Setting Powder and Finishing Powder to clear all your confusions. 

Want your makeup to stay all day long? Great! Setting Powders will do that for you, and if you want a smooth blurring effect on your face, Finishing Powders are your saviors. 

Setting Powders will help your makeup blend properly in your skin, and will boost its staying power, Finishing Powders, on the other hand, will soften the texture of your makeup and will give you a filtered look.

Get a bomb airbrushed look by applying Setting Powders in your T-zone and undereye section, it will flawlessly lock your concealer and will soak in all the oil from your face. On the other hand, get a soft-focus finish by lightly dusting Finishing Powders all over your face.

You can apply Finishing Powders alone to get a gorgeous camera-ready look anytime, but you should not apply Setting Powders without applying foundations. 

Our Lady Boss Glosses are divided into two categories:

Can Finishing Powders be used as a Setting Powder… What are others saying?

Both Setting Powders and Finishing Powders have their own separate functions. As the name implies, Setting Powder can only be used to extend the life of your makeup and to lock it in place all day long, and Finishing powders can be used for getting a flawless smooth finishing touch on your face.

According to makeup experts, if you want to use both Setting and Finishing Powders together, you need to find a loose setting powder that has the formula of both the Setting Powders and Finishing Powders. So that you can apply it without messing up with your beautiful makeup.

Meet Omolewa 'Filter in Jar' HD Queen Finishing Powders: How it can be used as both a setting powder as well Finishing powder?

A sweep of powder on your face is enough to give you a quick, fresh, and smooth look to slay all day. 


Keeping that in mind, we wanted to make your makeup process a little easier with our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Finishing Powder, also known as ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder created with love for Queens like you. 


There are a lot of differences in functions between Setting Powder and Finishing Powder, but our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders are so finely milled that it does the job of both a Setting Powder as well as a  Finishing Powder by blending in your skin effortlessly.


The exceptional formula of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders has the power to set your makeup in place, all day long, by soaking up extra oil, blurring out all your imperfections, smoothing out your makeup, preventing it from caking, and giving you the most flawless makeup finish ever.   


If you have our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders, you don’t have to worry about spending extra bucks on buying setting powder and finishing powder separately ‘cause you can use it in either way. 

Our ultra-silky ‘Filter in Jar’ HD  Queen Finishing Powders with their beautiful texture allows your skin to breathe and gives you a filtered look all day long without leaving any flashback.

Our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders are so easy to use that if you’re in a hurry, just a sweep of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders will give you a perfect flawless look. 

If you’re wondering about the shades of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder- let us tell you that we have 6 different shades to match’em up with your makeup and complexion. 

So, get yourself and your makeup brush ready to dive into the diverse shades of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder :

The Different Shades of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder

Do you struggle to find the perfect shade of powder for you that will suit your tone and give you the flawless looks of your dreams? 


Don’t worry you are at the right place ‘cause we have shades from deepest dark to lightest brown to the fairest fair. Let’s jump into the shades-

  • Queen Nefertiti – A crystal white translucent shade that effortlessly melts into your skin, giving you a filtered look. It’s suitable for both Dark and Light skin women, the fair skin Lady Bosses can use it alone or can use it to set their makeup, and the Dark Skin Lady bosses can use it to set their concealers or to highlight under the eyes. 

*Insert the pic of Queen Nefertiti*

  • Queen Sheba – A hint of yellow to give the perfect soft finish to your makeup. Women of both fair and dark complexion can use this as a translucent powder. 


           *Insert the pic of Queen Sheba*

  • Queen Nandi –  A soft beige translucent powder. It’s very smooth and beautiful. It’s suitable for women of dark to light shades. You can use it to highlight your under eyes, or just sweep it all over your face to get that blurry and soft skin. 


*Insert the pic of Queen Nandi*

  • Queen Amina- A subtle light-medium brown shade with a tint of a warm undertone. It’s a very versatile shade for women of color, you can either use it simply as a powder or can also use it as a highlighting powder. 


*Insert the pic of Queen Amina*

  • Queen Yaa Asantewaa- An amazing shade for deep dark skin ladies and it has a slight hint of redness so works amazingly as a corrector of hyperpigmentation and blemishes. This will blend in your skin like butter.


*Insert the pic of Queen Yaa Asantwewa*

  • Queen Amanirenas- A highly pigmented shade for deep dark skin ladies which is amazing for contours. Even the deepest dark women can use it as an overall powder to set their makeup or to make their face look smooth. 

*Insert the pic of Queen Amanirenas*

Our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders leave no flashback and just a little bit of it goes a long way.

“10 Different Ways You Can Use our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders to save your beauty life”. We have carefully put together these hacks to help you save your beauty life this season. So you can slay at all your important in-person and virtual meetings, knowing your make-up will look flawless and stay put all day without you worrying about any touch-ups.  💞🤗

  1. Keep your makeup intact: First put on your primer, and then set it with our ‘‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder before putting on your foundation. This “powder before foundation” method will prevent your makeup from melting off and also give you a flawless matte-finish look     
  2. Lock your Concealer: Swiftly brush our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder on your face to perfectly set and lock your concealer in place
  3. Get voluminous & dense lashes: Bat your lashes like a queen! Dip a Mascara spoolie in our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder and coat it in between your Mascara application to get denser, longer, no clump and more voluminous lashes
  4. Make your eyeshadow last longer: Before putting on your eyeshadow, get a smooth eyeshadow base by using your concealer as an eyeshadow primer and then set the concealer  with our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder. This will make your eyeshadows more vibrant, creaseless and last longer
  5. Get the flawless look of your dreams: Use the shade of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder that matches your complexion and apply it as an overall finishing powder to get a flawless look of your dreams
  6. Prevent eyeshadow fallout: Use the translucent shade of our Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powders as a sandbag under your eyes, and prevent your eyeshadow from falling out and keep your makeup work intact
  7. Contour your face: Use the darker shade of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder to Bronze or Contour your face anytime you want
  8. Fix your blush and eyeshadow mess: If you mess up your eyeshadow or blush by over-applying them, slightly brush our translucent ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing powder to help erase the mess
  9. Apply it on your glasses: Wear glasses? Apply a little amount of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder on the nose pads of your glasses and prevent your makeup from getting smudged
  10. Mattify your cream lipsticks: Want your lipsticks to last longer?  Dab a small amount of our ‘Filter in Jar’ HD Queen Finishing Powder on your cream lipstick and turn it into a matte lipstick  in a few seconds